Field-Erected, Above Ground Welded Storage Tanks

Witherup has over 60 years of experience designing and building storage tanks for a wide variety of industries including Power, Process, Petroleum Terminals, Refineries, Steel Making, Chemical, Municipal, Institutional and Government.



Witherup designs and builds to:

  • API 650, 653 (Repair) and 620
  • AWWA D-100
  • NFPA (Firewater)

Witherup builds tanks from 20,000 gallons to 7,000,000 gallons (or larger), and can build just one tank, or an entire tank farm.  As a specialty “tank” contractor, Witherup’s engineering, shop, and field forces are highly specialized, experienced, and equipped to build tanks to exacting customer requirements on time and on budget.

Tank Features (including but not limited to):

  • Materials: Carbon Steels, Stainless or Alloys
  • Bottoms: Flat, Coned, Double-Bottoms, Leak Testable
  • Shell: Single or Double Walled
  • Roofs: Coned (Self Supported or Internally Supported), Flat, Open Top, Umbrella, Floating Roofs (Internal and External)
  • Dikes: Steel Containment Dikes
  • Accessories: Ladders (Caged) or Stairs (Spiral), Walkways, Railing, Platforms, Catwalks, Agitator Support Steel, Heaters, Level Gauges
  • Coatings: Exterior, Interior Linings, Exterior Logos
  • Insulation
  • Other: Cathodic Protection, Stress Relieving
Contact us to discuss your tank requirements. Phone: 814-385-6601, or e-mail.